celebrating 50 Years of Serviceplan Group

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Serviceplan, 1970

Dr Peter Haller and Rolf O. Stempel set up an advertising agency. They quickly realise that they want to offer more than just creative services; their aim is to provide their clients with marketing solutions integrating all kinds of disciplines. An idea is born and they call it the ‘Serviceplan’. Printed on an A1-sized sheet of paper, the plan represented a model integrating and interlinking elements of a communication, production and distribution strategy. The approach behind it was explained in detail in a brochure entitled “In the future, the overall concept will be key”. The Serviceplan quickly became a hit for Haller and Stempel, while also forming the agency group’s DNA and serving as its namesake. Every bit as prominent as the clear structure is the company logo: SP, two connected letters, modern, dynamic.


My business partner Rolf Stempel and I had the plan to set up a new kind of agency. An agency that not only offers creative advertising, but also marketing services.

Dr Peter Haller

Serviceplan Group, 2002

Florian Haller takes over at the helm of the agency: “What has made us strong in the past, and still does today, is that we have a lot of trust in our employees and give them the courage to take things into their own hands and try out new things. Even if that involves the risk of failing or something not working. That’s the basic prerequisite for introducing innovation – and a very important element of our corporate culture.”


Serviceplan Group, 2020

In cooperation with Studio Oeding, an anniversary logo design has been created that celebrates the agency group’s roots. Throughout the entire anniversary year of 2020, this new logo will be used in addition to the Serviceplan corporate branding at different touchpoints, including in advertisements, merchandising, office stationery and in outdoor and indoor spaces at the Houses of Communication. The logo with the slogan “Born integrated” stands for the integrated and holistic communication approach that is now embodied at no fewer than 24 Houses of Communication worldwide and is also a homage to the agency’s two founders.


In our 50-year agency history we have constantly developed ourselves further. This attitude has driven us in the past 50 years and will continue to do so in the future. Onwards and upwards is our ethos.

Dr Peter Haller